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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

This is the Lord's Doing and it is Marvelous in Our Eyes

Scripture: Ps 118

Prayer: I will give thanks to you Lord for Your  steadfast love endures forever. In my victory and distress I call on You Lord and accept your answer.  As you do to your children because I am your child/ Let me take refuge in You. I depend and trust You and let that always be the case. In the name of the Lord I cut off the things that look to destroy me. I cut off the enemies that surround me. Lord continue to be my help. Thank you for helping me and please continue to be my help. Help me to be appreciative for what has already been done while I continue to stand in anticipation for what You will do. Because tomorrow is not promised, help me to deal in the now. Give me strategy and better practices for life and help me to implement them. Lord give us the heart for you and our covenant relationships. In JESUS name ...Amen


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