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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Burnt Offering

Scripture: Lev.1, Ps.66, Ps.1, Ja. 4,1Cor.13, Lu.22:32

What is a Burnt Offering?

Burnt Offering is the most costly offering. It is completely  giving until there is nothing left but the skin. Amongst other things it is offered for self dedication.

A burnt offering must be acceptable

A burnt offering must be offered before the LORD

A burnt offering must be presented entirely

A burnt offering must be cut up or broken before the LORD

A burnt offering must be arranged in Worship

A burnt offering must be completely engulfed= in the fire and leaves nothing but the skin

A burnt offering will be a sweet aroma to the LORD

A burnt offering walks in the ways of GOD

A burnt offering in victorious in Jesus

Prayer: Lord Consume me as a burnt offering, leaving nothing but the skin. Lord help me that I may give you thanks and serve you better. Allow me to never cherish iniquity. Lord help me to ask correctly. You said if I give my body as a burnt sacrifice and don’t have love I am nothing. Please help me and  allow me to express love at all times. Lord, let me delight in your way of doing things and meditate on it day and night. Lord, don’t let my faith fail; for without faith it is impossible to please God.

Song: Joy of my desire,


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